Integrated services for railway and plant sectors.

Soceb was born in Brescia in 1999 from the union of well-established companies in the railway and plant building sectors. Soceb  presents itself on the railway and plant building sectors with a wide range of services: railway restyling and maintenance, installation of electrical plants, automation and robotic, planning of photovoltaic systems thanks to the support of an expert, dynamic and reliable team, to a location that guarantees a perfect logistics and to a wide vehicle fleet. Soceb offers a wide range of services in the railway and plant building sectors thanks to the expertise and the know-how developed by working both for public and private clients in Italy.

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Soceb believes in the constant training of its staff to guarantee the maximum levels of quality, reliability and safety. The company has a Integrated Quality, Environment, Safety and Anti-corruption system congruent with UNI EN ISO 9001 e 14001, UNI ISO 45001 e UNI ISO 37001 that is enforced by an integrated management system for certification OHSAS 18001:2007. Training and information of Soceb staff as synonyms of competitivity, professionalism and care. Soceb has also obtained the certification of its own Competence Management System for the maintenance of railway safety organs to expand the list of its technicians.

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Technology, quality and safety: discover Soceb’s organizational chart and its services.

Trust and expertise at the base of Soceb’s relationship with clients.

The sector that allowed Soceb to grow is the railway one with the services of internal and external makeover and revamping of rolling stock material. The cooperation with the most important railway transport companies in Italy (Trenitalia, Trenord, FER, Trentino Trasporti) and the major companies of this sector (Hitachi, Stadler, Pesa) turned Soceb to a leader in the Italian railway sector. In the plant building sector for electrical installation and maintenance, thermo hydraulics and mechanics Soceb has long-stablished relationships with public corporations (Lombardia Region, Brescia Province) and with important private groups (Dalkia, Siram, Zephyro SpA , Carbotermo, Gruppo Fondital). Soceb is the optimal partner for the facility management for buildings and territory as a support to the integrated activities of companies. For the heavy industry Soceb provides consultations, maintenance and plant installations for steel plants and foundries (Gruppo Stefana, Gruppo Lucchini, Acciaierie Venete), integrated interventions for the assembling of extrusion systems (Gruppo Danieli) and conservative works on installations and structures (Gruppo Becromal).