Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic, geothermal, solar-termal, biomass and cogeneration systems
Which innovative solutions does Soceb propose for the production of renewable energy?
Preliminary draft, planning, installation and bureaucratic burdens.

Soceb responds to the growing demand for clean and renewable energy with a wide range of high-tech solutions, highlighting the ecological and economic advantages offered by alternative sources (sun, wind and geothermal heat). Soceb operates in compliance with the requirements necessary to access incentives and funding dedicated to renewable energy.

The Brescia-based company develops and installs solutions for the production of renewable energy for houses and companies:
  • photovoltaic systems
  • geothermal plants
  • solar-thermal systems
  • biomass and cogeneration plants

Furthermore, Soceb manages for the client the bureaucratic procedures for the preliminary project study, the application filing with the competent authority, the verification of authorizations, the final design and the necessary procedures for the connection to the energy distribution network.