Exterior Restyling

Anti-graffiti sticking film, painting, recovery and refurbishment of rolling stock
What does it mean exterior restyling of rolling stock material?
The activities that made Soceb a leader for train restyling in Italy are the application of sticking films and the external painting of rolling stock.
What does it mean exterior restyling of rolling stock material?
  • Restoration of the van
  • Application of protective coat
  • Painting and application of decorative anti-graffiti sticking films

Soceb applies quickly and precisely the institutional livery of the customers on every kind of rolling stock, advertising campaign and historical coaches.

How does the application of sticking film work?

The customer chooses the anti-graffiti film, Soceb operators prepare the van for the application and paste the anti-graffiti film on trains, buses and underground coaches. The anti-graffiti sticking films produced and applied by Soceb have a warranty of 30 up to 72 months.

Advertising campaigns

Soceb applied important advertising campaigns on rolling stock: Heiniken, Austrian Airline, Easy Jet, Telekom, British Airways, Abarth, Final Fantasy, External livery realized for world exposition EXPO 2015.

Soceb also carries out interventions of recovery and heavy refurbishment of the external van on rolling stock material according to specialized projects and information given by the customer. Soceb has obtained the certification UNI EN 15085.

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