Maintenance and Overhaul

Faults and breakdowns’ repair and components restoration
How does Soceb work on the components installed on rolling stock material?
Soceb carries out interventions of maintenance and overhaul of components installed on rolling stock.

In particular, maintenance, overhaul and reassembly of wheel trucks, bogies, engines, pantographs, traction and repulsion devices, 78-pole couplers, underbody components, greaser devices, driver’s desks and many other equipments, respecting the customer’s quality plan and the compliance with the specifications and standards in force in the railway sector.

Soceb obtained in 2011 the certification of its Skills Management System by setting up a list of maintenance technicians authorized to operate on railway safety components defined in accordance with the ANSF 4/2012 Decree.

Since 2010 Soceb is also involved in the corrective maintenance performed directly at the station, during the night stop of rolling stock. Soceb operators are responsible for:- repair the faults and breakdowns reported by the client on the trains stoppage, restore the lighting system, complete the logbook.

Each extended deposit is equipped with a PC with Internet connection to receive immediate notification of breakdowns and faults from the client: at the end of the work shift, the site manager fills in the sheet of faults and sends a copy to the CER of his own deposit.

Soceb operators have obtained the qualification for the workshop personnel of type TV212, TV212 bis, TV213, TV 213 bis and the Airside driving licence especially for “A – MANOEUVRE OF ROLLING STOCK”.

Extended deposits include: check list compilation, viewing the logbooks and any maintenance notices, check general functions during the train activation phase, verification of rolling’s heating/air-conditioning, lighting verification, sound system verification, door verification, anti-rattling check, check toilet functionality, verification and restoration of rolling’s furniture conditions, pre-heating in the winter period.

Soceb is UNI EN 15085-2 certified with CL.1 level for welding on railway vehicles and components.

Soceb counts on specialized welders as required by the law: the company has its own team of welders and welding operators, welding coordinators and operators involved in carrying out non-destructive testing in the railway maintenance.

Soceb carries out the welding service in the railway sector with its own qualified operating procedures (WPQR) for the repair and construction of parts of railway vehicles (coach bodies, upper decks, chassis, trolleys, steps and handrails).

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